Lose Weight

with simplified dieting.

Lose weight without losing your mind. Get our intelligent diet app to make all the right food choices to shed those stubborn kilos.
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Small changes. BIG IMPACT.

Just follow ALPHA COACH Evolve’s recommendations on the quantity and quality of your meals and start seeing real results.

Set your goal

Get your customized macro diet plan and timeline based on your target body weight, eating preferences and activity levels.

Track yourself

Use our verified food database to easily log your food with voice or plain text and connect your fitness band or mobile pedometer.

Lose weight

Follow daily insights and recommendations and weekly dynamic adjustments to hit your goal!

The future is here. Evolve with

Adaptive Intelligence

for diet coaching.

Throw out your template diet plan. Based on your goal, your prefered pace, your eating preferences and activity levels, Alpha Coach Evolve will design

• a macro-plan
• an activity goal and
• a timeline for you to achieve that goal

Your Alpha Coach Evolve will dynamically adjust your program week over week based on your progress so you just can’t fail!

Lose weight

at your
own pace

for diet coaching.

We understand that every person’s journey is different and each person wants to set their own pace for their fitness journey.

That’s why Alpha Coach Evolve adjusts your program to suit the pace you choose.

Win with your daily

Alpha Score!

80+ DAS = Guaranteed Results

Let’s celebrate the right wins to keep you on track tomorrow. That’s why we calculate your daily Alpha Score based on how well you follow your plan, and not on your results.

Get a higher daily Alpha Score every time you hit your step goals, calorie goals and nutrient quality goals so you know you’re on track to your big win!

Connect with ease.

Connect to your favorite fitness band: Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, Mi Fit.


a great experience.

Hear it straight from our users!

Adaptive diet coaching.

Simple. Smart. EVOLVED

Empower yourself with the skills to choose the right foods. Our proprietary food color-coding system and custom targets for you will help you choose foods that fit your goals, lifestyle, and health requirements while building the right food habits.

Are you ready to EVOLVE?

Get notified on launch day! The app is completely free.